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Maintaining Your QuickBooks Accounts in Cherry Hill

At Gallo and Company, we often recommend QuickBooks to our clients; we even show them how to make effective use of the software. However, simple errors can be made over time. These can add up until they are big problems unless you have an accounting expert periodically review the effectiveness of your account. Our firm offers QuickBooks maintenance services that help companies keep their statements, records, and tax calculations accurate.

Cleaning up Your Books

Duplicate entries are one of the most common problems facing QuickBooks users. Businesses using the software often use industry-specific plug-ins without deactivating or updating existing processes. When these multiple functions populate your accounting data, instances of profit and loss are repeated on statements, throwing your accounts out of balance.

Every month, our firm cleans these programs up for you. We carefully examine how your system is operating to determine what functions are causing which numbers to appear on your accounts. From here, we streamline any repetitive processes, ensuring no duplicate entries are present.

Ongoing Training and Support

One of the key ways we make sure your accounting methods stay streamlined and accurate is by teaching you how to prevent many of these issues. Gallo and Company provides QuickBooks training when you first decide to use the software and ongoing support for any future questions you may have about its use.

In addition to standard training and continuous support, we offer monthly retraining for how to use QuickBooks. Our team wants you to know that this platform is more than a checkbook. By demonstrating its utility on a regular basis, we help our clients learn how to get the most out of QuickBooks.

Monthly Account Reconciliations

The cash that flows in and out of your company can change rapidly. As such, it is not uncommon for business bank accounts to show slightly different amounts than your actual books. This imbalance is easy to fix when caught early, but letting discrepancies add up creates much larger compliance issues.

Every month, our firm reconciles your bank accounts with your QuickBooks records. We make sure your numbers stay consistent across all records, keeping you compliant with the IRS and all other regulatory authorities.

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For over 30 years, Gallo and Company has helped businesses near Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, and Mt. Laurel keep their books balanced. Our ongoing QuickBooks maintenance services are another way we help your company thrive. For more information about how we help you use QuickBooks, schedule a consultation today.

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