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Not For Profit Accounting Services in Cherry Hill and South Jersey

Most accounting services are geared towards businesses and entrepreneurs, making it difficult for not-for-profit organizations to improve their revenue management. That search is over. Gallo and Company provides not-for-profit accounting to South Jersey and the Philadelphia Area. If your organization serves a community need, having us focus on your books helps you focus on your mission.

Precise Accounting Support for Non Profit Organizations

While there are significant differences between accounting for profitable and not-for-profit entities, there are also several similarities when it comes to the basics. When you are looking for an accountant who serves nonprofit organizations, you need someone who is still able to track where your funding comes from, where it goes, and how to accurately list that information on a tax return.

Gallo and Company serves all of your organization’s accounting needs, from the basic concerns to those unique to not-for-profit operations. We can track your revenue cash flow and recommend better ways to manage your funding; this includes the drafting of accurate income and expense sheets and financial statements in time for your organization’s next board meeting. We also have the deep understanding of Form 990 necessary to prepare and file a tax-exempt report with the IRS. Regardless of the degree of assistance you need, we can provide it.

Full FASB Support

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is an entity that establishes financial accounting and reporting standards for organizations of all kinds. These standards include the guidelines for how nonprofits should track and report their financial standing. However, these rules can be subject to change, and many organizations do not have the means to notice or study these changes.

This confusion caused problems when the 2016 rules updates occurred, and they could happen again if the FASB updates their guidelines.

If you are struggling to follow the current FASB non profit accounting standards, our accounting firm in Cherry Hill can help. Our team works diligently and proactively to develop a deep understanding of these guidelines, especially when these rules are updated. For the clients we serve, Gallo and Company is often their best resource for staying compliant with the accounting principles set by the FASB.

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Gallo and Company offers accounting services for non profits in Cherry Hill, with service to all surrounding communities. We gladly help organizations in their mission to serve a community need. For more information about how we can support your not-for-profit in its operations, call us today.

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