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If you have recently launched a new entity in the marketplace or are struggling with growth, one of the most immediate steps you can take is to find an accounting firm that can help you succeed. Gallo and Company offers small business accounting to Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Mount Laurel, and all surrounding communities.

Bank Reconciliations

Sometimes, changes to business bank account balances are missed on your daily records. If left unresolved, these errors add up and cause more serious issues regarding GAAP and IRS compliance.

 Our Cherry Hill accounting firm conducts monthly bank reconciliations. We identify the sources of each missed expense or misreported income, from lost checks to unauthorized wire transactions. This will also help us notice more significant concerns, such as unjustified bank charges and signs of fraud or embezzlement. Once we have corrected your books to match the accounts and isolated the key areas of concern, you will have the tools you need to maintain an accurate ledger and investigate larger issues.

Cash Flow and Expense Management

Gallo and Company also analyzes your records to support cash flow management and expense management. We look at your income statements to evaluate where your company is over or under budget, as well as which products have growing or shrinking returns on investment. We watch for the trends on the balance sheet affecting your receivables and payables and how to mitigate the changes in these cycles.

Month-End Close

The end of the month is a critical time for every business, especially in regards to the month end accounting tasks that have to be fulfilled for compliant and accurate reporting.

Gallo and Company helps you manage these steps. At the end of the month, we draft financial statements for cash flow and budget reporting, prepare balance sheets for demonstrating the business’ financial condition, and review your general ledger to fix discrepancies. This review includes cleaning up your QuickBooks® accounts for precise and streamlined records.

Internal Control Implementation

If we do find evidence of fraud or embezzlement as a result of bank account reconciliation, you can implement more careful internal controls into your operations. Our firm will help you determine the policies and tools that can better protect you from these situations and how to best implement them. You can rest easy knowing that your business assets are secure and used properly.

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Gallo and Company provides small business accounting in Cherry Hill and serves all nearby areas. We are passionate about giving every company the tools they need for optimal financial operation. For more information about our approach to accounting, call our firm and schedule a consultation today.

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